Are humans still evolving?

If they are, it’s at a faster pace than every before. 

The world is changing faster than ever. Or at least, I assume it is. It could just be my perspective. It’s not every year that I get married, move to a new state, start a new job, and have a baby.

But maybe it’s not just me. Maybe the gradual change has decided enough with the slow and steady.

Now it seems that everyone’s lives are moving faster and faster and becoming fuller and fuller. So much so that there has been an entire movement starting to go against the tide.

Blogs like Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits and Mnmlist are some of the more mainstream expressions of this sentiment.

People’s lives are changing faster than ever, and now is the time to slow things down before it gets out of control.

One thought on “Are humans still evolving?

  1. Agreed. Life is too short to go along complacently, to miss out on all that could be in favor of the comfortable. But at the same time, there is a real danger of missing out on the important in the here and now, because of an overwhelming desire to have it all. Again, the name of the game is discipline. We must be able to shut out the tempting escapes and focus on the truly important. We must decide those things that matter to us and pursue those. Yes, we might “miss out” on some things, but we will experience the important things to their full potential.

    That’s life. We make decisions, act on them, and accept the consequences. Make each moment matter.

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