Don’t Wait to Start

That big idea always strikes unexpectedly and with little warning. There is a flash of inspiration and the burning desire to act.

Recently, I had the inspiration to start this blog. It emerged from my memories of how I loved to write in high school and college. In high school I fancied myself a poet, and that continued through college, where I majored in writing. As a newspaper reporter, I felt right at home writing every day for a living.

Then I stopped. Apart from the occasional paper in grad school, I wrote almost nothing.
And now I’ve started again.

However, I’ve had to start again gradually. My day-to-day schedule is no longer that of a high school student and even less that of a college student.

I can’t drop everything in my life to follow on this urge. But I shouldn’t put it off.

The most important thing to do in a situation like this is to just start. Rather than sitting around and thinking about it, or even going through a detailed and scrupulous planning process, just start.

The details will come as they do and muddy up the original vision. This doesn’t have to halt or even change the original intention.

When you have an idea, act on it quickly before the initial excitement and passion gets drowned out by every excuse that arises.

One thought on “Don’t Wait to Start

  1. I agree entirely. We cripple ourselves in over-planning, over-designing… We are in a sense over-compensating for a lack of substance. By focusing on the flashiness, we postpone the definitive moment, when we really have to show that we have in fact something to offer the world for its betterment. Is there something deep, something universal in my writing? Do I really have something worthwhile to put out there? Am I on to something or is it really fluff? I believe you do have something to offer, and it’ll be interesting to see how that emerges as your creativity continues to be honed.

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