Modern Medicine

Jonathan Harris:

There is an ancient pact between tools and their users which says that tools should be used by their users, and not the other way around. Good tools should help their users accomplish a task by satisfying some pre-existing urge and then getting out of the way. Attention economies, at their most addictive, violate this pact. Like good medicine, good tools should appear briefly when you need them, and then disappear, leaving you free to get on with your life.

Instead of looking for tools to solve problems, look to solve problems with tools. It is a subtle but important distinction.

The Orange and the Egg

This made me happy. Then sad.

This is a page from The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories: Visual Micro-Tales of Our Shared Humanity.

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Attention is the most valuable and limited resource

Attention is the most valuable and limited resource

The Coffees:

There are so many potential vices in the world over which one must exert self control: Drinking, food, gambling, etc. These are all fine in moderation, but shouldn’t be over-indulged in lest they become deleterious to health and happiness.

But can’t coffee just be something we drink as much as we want, with no underlying guilt or fear of abuse? COFFEE IS SO DAMN GOOD. The way it flows through your belly and into your veins, making life more vibrant — more full. It is a peerless beverage.

The Scream by Edvard Munch

According to Munch, he was inspired to paint this scene as he was walking in a boardwalk with tow of his companions. As he stopped and his companions walked on, he looked up at the blood red sky and felt a “the scream of nature” moving through him.