Education has an expiration date

Your education will quickly become outdated if you stop learning. Don’t let the years of your life spent in the classroom and the thousands of tuition dollars you (or your parents) spent go to waste. Never stop learning.

One of the best parts of being an adult is that you get to spend your time learning the subjects and skills that interest you. The days of being stuck working through someone else’s curriculum, someone else’s agenda are over. In school, your teachers would decide what you should worry about and what you need to know to pass the test. As an adult, you decide what to worry about. And you can choose to spend your time worrying about more interesting things.

Real learning requires deliberate daily practice. Therefore, whatever it is you want to learn, study and practice every day. There are things I want to learn and to get better at doing. Working on them seven days a week is how I intend to succeed.

This blog is four

Happy Birthday

I received the note above in my email today from Tumblr and had to share it. It’s amazing to think I’ve run this site for that long. I let the 1,000th post come and go with little fanfare but feel I should mark this milestone with more than three short sentences.

From the beginning, this site has been a side project, a hobby that would get bursts of attention and then months of neglect. I learned the basics of HTML and CSS from working on this site, and, more recently, it served as a sandbox for learning responsive web design, typography, JavaScript, and a number of other web technologies. It’s been a valuable hobby, teaching me skills I’ve used in all my jobs over the last four years.

My intention has always been start writing more here and sharing things I make. Unfortunately, since sharing fun links and images from around the web has always been so much easier to do consistently, those are the kinds of posts that make up most of the current archive.

All the best sites I follow post daily. This site has been online for four years, and this is my 1,148th post. That means the posting schedule is still shy of the one a day mark. Apologizing for not posting more is silly, but re-committing it and following through to it isn’t.

I’m determined to begin writing more regularly, but I know determination without action doesn’t matter. Perhaps this will be the year that changes. Stay tuned to see what happens with this site during the next four years.

How Would We Report on the Government Shutdown if It Were Happening in Another Country?

How Would We Report on the Government Shutdown if It Were Happening in Another Country?