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Superpedestrian – The Copenhagen Wheel

What to Read Next : InstaRank – v1.0

What to Read Next : InstaRank – v1.0

Don’t forget the open web

Jeffrey Zeldman:

Yes, recycling other people’s recycling of other people’s recycling of cat gifs is fun and easy on Tumblr. Yes, rubbing out a good bon mot on Twitter can satisfy one’s ego and rekindle a wistful remembrance of meaning. Yes, these things are still fine to do. But they are not all we can do on this web. This is our web. Let us not surrender it so easily to new corporate masters.

Finding the right race

Being first is not the only way to win. The cost of crossing the finish line first sometimes outweighs the prize you get for winning. The second mouse to reach the trap gets the cheese and gets to search for more tomorrow. All but the slowest runner in the group escapes the bear.

Apple didn’t make the first computer, MP3 player, or Smartphone. Amazon didn’t invent the bookstore. They didn’t win by trying to finish first.

Finishing second (or later) means you can see the finish line and what prizes await those who finish. Coming in second lets you decide in advance if the rewards are worth the effort or if you should start running a different race.