Gabi’s Yoga Challenge

Gabi is participating in a 30-day Yoga challenge during the month of October. I’ve been in charge of taking most of the photos (for some she sets up the timer or grabs a screenshot from a video). Here are a few of my favorites:

This one is not from her Yoga challenge but is also awesome.

Test flight

I love this scene from How to Train Your Dragon 2. There is such a feeling of freedom and trust.

The movie is very good overall, despite some ham-fisted dialogue. Some of the lines seemed like callbacks to scenes that got cut from the final version.

Illustrations of my family

Well, they’re not really of my family. The illustrations below are by Pascal Campion and are of his family, which happens to have a very similar size and structure to mine. He posts one illustration each day, and I’ve found myself sending Gabi the ones that remind me most of our family. 


These illustrations will be even more like our family once our little girl learn to walk (run) and we get a dog.

And this one reminds me of when Gabi and I were still dating, having one of our many long conversations on one of the benches outside on our university campus.


I highly recommend following Pascal’s image of the day. You can sign up for his mailing list or follow him on your favorite social network from his site.