Jeff Goldblum is going to sell a lot of light bulbs.

Advertising’s bumpy transition

Advertising’s bumpy transition

The smartest people are pointing us to games

Reginald Braithwaite shares my sentiment about a tragedy in technology

What makes me sad is that the pinnacle of our computing power, the massive behavioural engine that is Google Adwords/Adsense, has decided that when someone is reading about dinosaurs, the most profitable thing to do is show them ads for games. Not books about dinosaurs, or even dinosaur games, but games.

We take a generation of incredibly smart people who have been rigorously trained to deliver amazing code, running on a massive computing engine, and when confronted with a human being trying to learn something, they try to distract him with games. Can you imagine Google in charge of textbooks? In my children’s time, textbooks will be immersive experiences, complete with Google’s avatars whispering “Psst! Math is hard, let’s play games instead of studying.” Can you imagine Google making eyeglasses? They would obscure anything educational with virtual billboards for dating sites.

Thank goodness for apps like AdBlock that make the web a more beautiful place. I’m not robbing any website publishers any revenue because I wouldn’t be clicking on the ads anyway. I’d just be leaving the site in disgust and finding somewhere else to go.