Turning four

Daniel turned four yesterday. The kid is getting huge but is still so sweet. He is the luckiest middle child. Instead of being forgotten in the middle (overshadowed by his older brother or ignored because his baby sister hogs all the attention), he gets best friends on both sides–a loving big brother to look up to and a sweet little sister that shadows him everywhere.

I posted when Daniel turned three and turned two, and it is baffling that it is already past time to post his birthday well wishes. Gabi also wrote some sweet words about our son on Facebook and included another picture of him in his Iron Man costume–which he’d probably always wear if we let him.


Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

My little girl turned two today. She has gotten so big so fast. It seems like she was just a baby—fitting snugly into the crook of my arm—but now she has grown into a beautiful little girl. She was the smallest of my three kids at birth but now has no trouble keeping up with her older brothers’ shenanigans.

We were a family before she came to join us, but I can’t imagine how we could be a family without her. She makes our family whole.

Turning three

Today my middle child turned three. It has been so amazing to watch him grow up this year. It seems like he just turned two, and suddenly he has grown into this big kid.

He is such a sweet boy and a good friend. It is so cool to see how he—as a middle child—can adapt his play between roughhousing with his older brother and being gentle (most of the time) with his baby sister. I am looking forward to another year of watching him grow up and turn into an independent young man.

climbing high

reading with sister


Turning two

Today we celebrated my middle child’s second birthday. His buddies and their families gathered together for a fun get together at his favorite playground.

It’s amazing to think “I have a two-year old!” And then even more amazing to remember that he’s not the oldest or the youngest. He’s the best friend to his older brother and a loving protector to his little sister.

He has been such a joy to be around for the first two years of his life. I look forward to watching him get bigger, getting to know him as he starts to talk more, and being there for him as he grows into a young man.

Happy Birthday, son!


This blog is four

Happy Birthday

I received the note above in my email today from Tumblr and had to share it. It’s amazing to think I’ve run this site for that long. I let the 1,000th post come and go with little fanfare but feel I should mark this milestone with more than three short sentences.

From the beginning, this site has been a side project, a hobby that would get bursts of attention and then months of neglect. I learned the basics of HTML and CSS from working on this site, and, more recently, it served as a sandbox for learning responsive web design, typography, JavaScript, and a number of other web technologies. It’s been a valuable hobby, teaching me skills I’ve used in all my jobs over the last four years.

My intention has always been start writing more here and sharing things I make. Unfortunately, since sharing fun links and images from around the web has always been so much easier to do consistently, those are the kinds of posts that make up most of the current archive.

All the best sites I follow post daily. This site has been online for four years, and this is my 1,148th post. That means the posting schedule is still shy of the one a day mark. Apologizing for not posting more is silly, but re-committing it and following through to it isn’t.

I’m determined to begin writing more regularly, but I know determination without action doesn’t matter. Perhaps this will be the year that changes. Stay tuned to see what happens with this site during the next four years.