Feng Shui is not just throwing pillows around

This is the first episode of Gabi’s and my new podcast. Give us a break if it’s a bit rough around the edges. It will get better. Promise.

Download: MP3 Audio (25.8 MB, 38 minutes)

Topics in this episode:

Motivations for reading Batman comics, No one sounds good recorded, Introductions, Female comic book characters that look like Gabi, Origin of “You hang up first”, The FIRST 365 reasons why I love you, Lusting for the iPhone 5, Apple babies, Vacation day to stand in line, I don’t know any girl angels, Bad timing for pets, Your cat will NEVER love you, Don’t you dare watch me sleep, Does the earth have dregs or bowels?, Gabi utilizes words of a large inclination, One chair and a piano bench, Fake voice, What kind of person hates high-fives.

Alternate show titles:

  • Wait, am I just a guest?
  • A cat will never love you
  • We could have a harem in here
  • Guessing ‘C’
  • A perfect score is still good
  • “Snootily”
  • Which part of this is sanity?
  • Tee-hee I’ll never tell

Links in this episode:

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: from deep inside the Jonathan+Gabi archives

Gabi and I watched Meet Joe Black last night—her for the first time, me for the second (or third). The first song in the closing credits is Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s ukulele version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The song reminded me of the version of the song in the video below that Gabi and I performed for the Franciscan University talent show back in college before we were married, circa Fall 2005.

It’s quite a bit different than Kamakawiwoʻole’s version and far cry from Judy Garland’s original. There’s one weird jump in the recording about half way thorough, but still, it’s worth watching for Gabi’s vocal acrobatics.

Do you think Gabi and I should take this show on the road?