Simon Koay’s Superbet

My kids and I really enjoyed this superhero alphabet by illustrator Simon Koay. They were able to identify almost all the comic book characters, which is impressive for a six and three-year old. 


Here is Koay’s description of the project:

‘Superbet’ is a typographic exploration of alphabet design by reimagining each letter of the alphabet as everyone’s favourite superheroes and supervillains. Each letter has been created with inspiration from characters who share that same initial in their name.

Deep Dark Fears

Last night, I read throught the entire archive of the Tumblr, Deep Dark Fears. The premise of the site is simple. Visitors can anonymously submit their deepest, darkest fears, and the site’s creator, Fran Krause, will then illustrate them as a short comic.

Some of the entries are funny. Some are morbid. Some come as a relief—because they let me know there is someone else in the world with the same weird fears as me.