All I asked was, “How’s the day going?” The wife’s response:

So funny story…

You know when you were getting ready to leave, you helped Matthew get dressed? I almost told you not to, because I always get him dressed at the last minute, in case something happens to him to get dirty. Well today, something happened…

He and baby daniel were playing super cutely. Daniel was just in his diaper and Matthew in his uniform and mama was halfway thru her hair. All was going superbly well. Then Daniel had a massive blow out. His 2nd poop of the morning.

Matthew comes into the bathroom as I’m doing my hair. “Mama, the baby pooped on me”. OMG.

Poop everywhere. On his arms, on his shirt, on his legs, on his shorts, on his socks. Everywhere. Poo-capalypse!

Poo on the carpet. poo on the cars rug. Poo EVERYWHERE. It was epic.

So I had to fish Matthew’s dirty uniform from yesterday out of the hamper. It took 20 minutes to restore order.Then i somehow managed to finish my hair, get both boys dressed, and make it to school on time looking presentable. It was out of control.

Gabi, you’re an amazing mom, an amazing woman. I don’t know how you do it.