The Rise of Twitter Bots

The New Yorker has an interesting look at the robotic side of Twitter and the challenges the service will face as it becomes a bigger business.

As a service, Twitter’s greatest strength is that its users have total control over whom they follow and what they see. As a business, Twitter’s greatest opportunity is in violating that control with advertisements.

The @GSElevator gift guide

This clever holiday gift guide is filled with all the stuff I’d buy myself if I had the money to afford more expensive taste. There are no gift suggestions in this guide for my wife. However, the writer has a good reason for his omission, which he expressed like this:

My apologies, there are no gift ideas for women in here.  If you don’t know what to buy a woman for Christmas, you’re an idiot.

@GSElevator, who authored this post, is behind what is very possibly my favorite non-personal Twitter account, mostly because of his quips like this and seasonal jokes like this.